Wood is coming of age

In July, the Cube Building at Banyan Wharf in London’s Shoreditch opened as Europe’s tallest cross laminated timber structure and joint tallest in the world, alongside Melbourne’s Forte Tower.

This ground-breaking residential building is a collection of one, two and three bedroom apartments and uses a timber structure instead of concrete, part of a growing trend for using wood in house building once again.

Alex de Rijke, director at London architectural practice dRMM recently said, “timber is the new concrete” and he predicted that timber will be the dominant construction material of the 21st century.

Wood is the world’s oldest building material and with technological advances it can now compete with steel and concrete as a robust building material. However, the construction industry is increasingly turning to wood as a sustainable and renewable resource instead of concrete.

Concrete production apparently produces more greenhouse gases than the entire airline industry, and so it’s easy to see why wood is becoming the material of choice for many around the world.

One of the environmental  benefits of homes built from a wooden structure is they can last  up to 150 years and be recycled at the end of their lifespan. Also globally there is a huge supply of wood and using wood can reduce global carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

As a result, timber framed buildings are springing up all over Europe, including the UK and several have been built in London including Bridport House in Hackney a £6 million housing project and the £10 million Murray Grove development in Dalston.

Work is also underway on a 10-storey development in Dalston Lane which will provide 121 homes and 3,460sqm of commercial space using 3,000 cubic metres of timber.

As we know at 1926 Trading wood is an increasingly popular flooring choice in many homes for many of the same reasons.

Sustainability credentials are leading people to choose wooden flooring for their homes and with so many varieties of woods and finishes available they are no longer restricted to a particular look and style.

Wooden floors are also warm, easy to keep clean and hard wearing. More importantly they look fantastic whatever type of home you have and for the environmentally conscious amongst us there really is no better floor choice.

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