Through the Key Hole

The new series of ‘Through the Key Hole’ is back on our screens with Keith Lemon taking viewers on a tour of some celebrity homes, and giving studio guests and the public a chance to guess whose home it is.

A home’s style can say a lot about who lives there and there are often clues to the type of person they are from the pictures hanging on the wall through to their choice furniture.

What does your home say about you?

It’s often said first that impressions count. The front door is the first thing people see. It is on view to the rest of the street, so it’s no surprise that people tend to make a special effort with their front door choice. However, this often doesn’t follow through with internal doors.

Many of us still live with the doors that were already in the house when we moved in and we don’t change them, even if they don’t function properly or look dated.  

What they forget is that a new door can have a big impact on the look of a room and add the finishing touch to a home make over.

There are many different kinds of internal doors. At 1926 Trading Company we have a door to suit all requirements and budgets. We stock designer doors from JB Kind, Roziere and Sanrafael, with choices ranging from engineered pine with glass panels to white satin doors.

All three manufacturers offer high end products that can be bought off the shelf or be custom made. There are some particularly eye catching designs for those that would like to create the wow factor.

JB Kind is just one of the top brands we stock and the range includes the traditional Royale Oak range of doors and the unique Zodiac series.

Two stand out doors in the Zodiac series are the JB Kind Azure door which is a contemporary, ebony-veneered interior door with a zebrano wood inlay and JB Kind’s Libra door with a stained dark walnut finish, light oak grooves and eye catching colour contrast with four glazed glass panels. These two doors are striking in appearance and would add a touch of celebrity glamour to any home.

JB Kind also offers a lovely range of oak doors, with or without glass panels which can be decorative or plain, depending on your taste.

Roziere Doors are manufactured in France from locally sourced wood and they work with designers to create product lines that are timeless and blend well with different decorating schemes.

One of its doors – the Roziere Sirroco Wenge brushed door – is a perfect choice for someone who wants something a little bit different. It’s a dark wood door with a curved frosted glass panel in an arch down the full length of the door and it looks like something you may find in a celebrity mansion.

At the top end, our trade clients can choose Sanrafael made-to-measure doors which are customised to suit individuals. Sanrafael is a Spanish company who are leaders in style, innovation and personalisation, and they seek to give people the doors of their dreams.

If Keith Lemon were to peep through your keyhole what would he see? Doors which are tired and neglected? Or doors that you can be proud of that reflect your unique personal style and taste?

If you think your doors could do with replacing this year take a look at our website for a wide selection of designer doors to have your home looking its best.

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