Scandinavian chic mixes timeless elegance with modern style

Engineered Wood Flooring

With its tasteful, understated and classic style, it’s perhaps no surprise that Scandinavian chic has received so much attention this year in design magazines and Sunday supplements.

Clean lines, good design and a muted colour palette help create the look that has seduced so many people around the world.

A closer look at any room inspired by Scandinavian style always reveals one common theme: the tasteful use of natural products, especially wood.

A simple yet stunning wooden floor provides the canvas that is decorated with stylish wooden tables and chairs and minimalist furniture.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that wood plays such a central role in so-called “Scandi Chic”. It is a versatile material that manages to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern style.

For centuries, timber was crucial to the economies of Scandinavian countries, providing the main material for house-building and a livelihood for many families.

More recently, the appeal of natural materials and a pared back, simple design has spread around the world from the Nordic countries.

A quality wooden floor conveys warmth and comfort, while leaving a room feeling uncluttered and elegant. It creates the perfect environment for relaxing at home with your family or entertaining friends.

At 1926 Trading, we are delighted to work with Kahrs, a market-leading Swedish company that has made wooden floors for more than 150 years.

One of Europe’s leading producers of wood floors, Kahrs proudly recognises its Swedish heritage, while striving to be one of the most innovative manufacturers in its field.

Its philosophy is based on a deep respect for the environment and a commitment to quality, coupled with what it calls its “clean, Scandinavian design”.

The spare beauty of its design is epitomised in the Kahrs Original Sand Flooring collection.

This unique range features white-lacquered and oiled floors that come in a choice of sandy-white shades for a clean, simple look.

The styles take their names from beaches and coastal areas. For example, the Falsterbo, an Ash floor, is named after the picturesque town on Sweden’s southern tip that boasts a sweeping sandy beach and colourful wooden huts.

The Ash Skagen design is inspired by Denmark’s most northerly town, a vibrant fishing port situated on the dramatic Skagen peninsula.

The company’s history is captured in the Founders range of oak flooring. These classic Scandinavian designs in durable, eco-friendly engineered wood, are named after the founder Johan Kahr, his grandson Gustaf and other family members.

A third collection, Nordic Naturals, uses beech and ash to capture the light, fresh style that appeals to so many admirers of “Scandi Chic”.

Our experienced staff will be happy to show you our range of flooring and doors at our showroom or answer any of your questions about how to achieve that Scandinavian look.

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