Kährs meeting demand for clean grade woods

Wooden floors are hugely popular all over the world and consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their design choices and about how wood is sourced.

We are seeing a huge demand for clean grade products and an unprecedented increase in sales of the cleanest grade of oak as people seek a high quality finish for their wooden flooring. This level of demand has impacted global supplies.

One of the wooden flooring ranges we feature that uses the finest grade of oak is the Kährs ‘Capital Collection’ which is an exclusive range of ethically sourced 1-strip oak flooring with long wide boards.

It’s a premium clean grade oak because the visible part of each board (wearing surface) is taken from one piece of wood, which means that there is only a 3% yield from any tree, which has led to some supply issues.

Kährs is working hard to ensure supply can meet current demand levels, and ensure that we have a good deal of stock of the Capital Collection for those seeking a luxurious clean grade oak floor this year.

To source their clean grade oak, Kährs is only working with ethical third party suppliers and all the materials supplied must meet its stringent supplier regulations. The company’s environmental policy does not allow sourcing of material from third parties who are unable to provide sufficient information on the environmental credentials of raw material sourcing.

For consumers who care about protecting the environment this is a major selling point and means that they not only do they get a superior wooden floor, but one which is guaranteed to have come from sustainable sources.

The wonderful Capital Collection is available in three colours – Oak Paris, Oak Berlin and Oak Dublin – offering varying shades of light and darker woods that can be finished with either a lacquer or matt lacquer finish, giving home owners a total of six different looks.

This floor would look fantastic in any room, but in particular a large open plan area will benefit from such a premium product both in terms of looks and durability, adding that instant touch of luxury.

What makes Kährs wood floors even more special is its patented Woodloc-joint which means the floor can be laid quickly and easily with perfect results every time.

Simple laying instructions can be found on the Kährs website with easy to follow video tutorials to help even the novice DIYer lay a floor.

If you want to transform your home this year make sure you check out the Kährs ‘Capital Collection’ on our web site now:  www.1926woodflooring.co.uk

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