Creating the look of Mid-century living

Mid-century living is a growing trend for home design. It’s about choosing products that reflect the period from the 1940s to 1965, so mainly the 1950s. Whilst not quite old enough to be classed as vintage, it’s a look that many people now aspire to in their homes.

The 1950s was a time of new products and technology and using new materials in innovative ways.  Products such as Tupperware appeared, as well as a raft of labour saving home appliances including refrigerators, the electric oven, washing machines and toasters which all became popular with upwardly mobile families.

It was also the time when engineered wood first started to be used in homes, having first been developed in its modern form in the 1940s.

Engineered wood offered a better solution to hardwood flooring that had slightly gone out of favour in the previous decades when floor coverings such lino and cork gained popularity.

Today, interior designers are harking back to the 1950s to create rooms that are both unique and surprising.

It’s a fairly easy look to re-create as there is plenty of mid-century furniture to be found, either second hand or reproduced by large retailers to mimic 1950s designs. Just adding a few key items such as a side board or a statement lamp, an old fashioned looking radio or TV can add a 1950s retro feel to a room.

In terms of colour, the 1950s was an exuberant period. It was post-war and people were far more optimistic about the future. Colours were used in earnest, with new paint palates being developed in every colour of the rainbow. However, it was yellow, blue, orange, red as well as black and white that dominated the walls.

An instant way to recreate this look is would be to choose a vibrant primary colour for the wall, or perhaps a brightly coloured carpet.

Whilst wooden floors were starting to be popular again in the mid-century, carpets were still very much in fashion. An easy way to add a nod to the 1950s is with some colourful carpets. Our Heuga carpet tiles are a popular alternative to traditional carpets and come in a wide choice of colours, patterns and pile options. They are practical and easy to lay and can enhance a mid-century theme.

Flooring in the 1950s moved on from just being practical and was also decorative. Our range of Elesgo Supergloss laminate flooring in a number of finishes ticks both boxes. It comes in a number of finishes, including white, black and blue pearl and is a great look for an open plan kitchen dinner.

Our website has plenty more ideas for flooring to suit your mid-century designs including parquet flooring which was popular in the 1950s home, by leading Swiss manufacturer Bauwerk-Parkett.  Visit our website for inspiration.

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