Autumn carpets

Autumn signifies abundance and colour. Its harvest time and nature is at its best. One of the most striking sights at this time to year is the parks and woods, thick with their carpet of colour from the fallen leaves.

Leaf colours ranging from majestic gold through to burnt orange and even pinks, magenta and blues can be seen for this short period of time and it really showcases nature in all her finery.

The changing season is often a time when people think about their home décor as they want the house to look its best for the festive season, now only a few months away.

The colours of autumn could be just the inspiration needed to inject some colour and warmth into your home before it starts to get colder. One of the quickest and easiest home décor makeovers you can do is to replace old flooring with carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles are practical and stylish and come in a whole range of colour trends. They are becoming popular with modern-day home owners as they allow people to be creative and bring bold colours and designs to any room. Some are also antimicrobial which for those that suffer allergic reactions to dust can be a welcome blessing.

At 1926 Trading we sell Heuga Carpet Tiles which are a great choice for all rooms  –  whether you are looking to update a child’s bedroom, add a splash of colour in your hall or put down a hardwearing floor covering for your kitchen or dining room.

The main advantage of carpet tiles is that they are so easy to lay and you don’t need a professional carpet fitter. They come in a wide range of colours and piles, with the 80% wool range suitable for most rooms, the 100% wool ideal for a spot of luxury in the bedroom and the 100% polymide good for high traffic areas or where you might get spills.

One of the ranges is the Heuga Colour Collection which is a hardwearing carpet which enables you to create your own colour combinations. It’s smart, tough and endlessly versatile and is great for kitchen areas.

With colours like henna, brick, camel and forest as well as cobalt, graphite and charcoal those were a penchant for autumn colours could really go to town on some colour unusual combinations.

Another striking range is the Heuga Instant Impact tile that does just that – offering a great way to add impact to any room. The range has been designed by Elisabeth Arndt and this exuberant and vibrant 21st Century carpet combines amazing colours with superb levels of luxurious comfort. A subtle sheen adds to the designer look and these tiles will give any room va-va-voom!

Nature can inspire our creative juices and Heuga carpet tiles can be the easy solution for using this inspiration in a practical and stylish way to update your home this autumn.

We sell ten different ranges of Heuga carpet tiles and you can view our full range on our website

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