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JB Kind Doors

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JB Kind designer doors

JB Kind Internal Doors

Whatever project you are seeking to source doors for, JB Kind have options worthy of consideration. Whether you are seeking a contempory or traditional style of door, whether you wish to achieve a timber or painted finish, we are confident that JB Kind's door collection can provide a solution. 
Functional fire doors no longer need to be bland and boring! Many of JB Kind's doors are available as certified fire doors.
These are identified with a flame symbol.

Note:See JB Kind's website or catalogue for fitting instructions and suitability for your application.

Eco Colours Flooring
JB Kind Eco Colours

Walnut Flush Flooring
JB Kind Walnut Flush

Nuance Flooring
JB Kind Nuance

Royale Modern Flooring
JB Kind Royale Modern

Royale Traditional Flooring
JB Kind Royale Traditional

Roma Flooring
JB Kind Roma

Brisa Flooring
JB Kind Brisa

Elements Flooring
JB Kind Elements

River Oak Modern Flooring
River Oak Modern

River Oak Cottage Flooring
River Oak Cottage

River Oak Traditional Flooring
JB Kind River Oak Traditional

Montana Flooring
JB Kind Montana

Simply Oak Flooring
JB Kind Simply Oak

Gallery Flooring
JB Kind Gallery

Limelight Flooring
JB Kind Limelight
AsterElektraEclipseOrioleMistral WhiteMistral White Glazed
Mistral White Bi-FoldImperialRegentCriterionFortuneLyric
PhoenixApolloBarbicanAdelphiAdelphi Bi-FoldDominion

Calypso Flooring
JB Kind Calypso

Symmetry Flooring
JB Kind Symmetry

White Moulded Flooring
JB Kind White Moulded

Veneered Flush Flooring
JB Kind Veneered Flush

Flush For Paint Flooring
JB Kind Flush For Paint

Hemlock Flooring
JB Kind Hemlock

Softwood Boarded Flooring
JB Kind Softwood Boarded

JB Kind Accessories Flooring
JB Kind JB Kind Accessories

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