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Flexel Panel Floor Supports

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Panel Floor Supports
Flexel from 1926 Trading Company Ltd


154.80 (Including VAT at 20%)


Product Code: FLEX-GRCSP

  The GR panel can be installed clear of a suporting wall using a set of chromium-coated supports to stand the panel on the floor.

The supports are intended only for the GR type panel and only for horizontal installation. For permanent installation, it is advisable to attach the feet to the floor using screws.

Excessive pressure must not be applied to the free standing panel, there is a danger of it tipping over if the panel is not screwed down, and if it is there is a risk of damage to the glass at the places where the supports are attached.

Contents of the set:
chrome supports (2pcs, base diameter 130mm), plastic covers (4pcs) for the mounting brackets of the GR panel.
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