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Flexel Ecofilm

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Ecofilm 130w/m Elements Flooring
Flexel Ecofilm 130w/m² Elements

Ecofilm 160w/m Elements Flooring
Flexel Ecofilm 160w/m² Elements
Ecofilm 160w/m for Conservatories Only

Ecofilm Accessories Flooring
Flexel Ecofilm Accessories
Ecofilm Set Accessories ensure the optimal operations of the underfloor heating elements

Flexel International Ltd have been manufacturing and supplying the world market with its unique underfloor heating systems for over 30 years.

Ecofilm Set provides the luxury of electric, underfloor heating to living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, loft conversions & conservatories or almost anywhere a laminate or an engineerd wood floor is being laid.

Ecofilm Set is simple to install . Being electric with no moving parts, it is maintenance free and surprisingly economical to run. An elegantly styled thermostatic controller puts you in complete control.

Ecofilm Set is ideal for the family home. Being a complete radiant heating source, no dust is circulated. It is draft free and safe with no hot surfaces within reach of children. In fact, it is ideal for any home, new or existing as the heat source is placed under the floor allowing for freedom of design and planning.

Element Construction
Ecofilm Set consists of a specially formulated semi-conductive medium coated onto polyester film. Power is fed to this coating by way of copper electrodes that are fixed to the longitudinal edges of the heating areas. This structure is insulated by lamination of a polyester based film that totally covers the element and is wider than the conductive heating area, forming strong clear edges that are designed to accept subsequent fixing to sub-floor surfaces.

Simple Control
Ecofilm Set is controlled by a simple to operate timer-thermostat that offers the user maximum flexibility and control. Air and floor temperature sensors regulate heat output to maximize comfort. The unit can offer full 24 hour control, 7 days a week with simple manual over ride functions.

 What do I need?
The following technical sheets are available to download.
* Estimate and Planning Sheet
* Installation Instructions

Efficient and comfortable underfloor heating systems from 1926 Trading Company Ltd

Underfloor heating is proving an increasingly popular addition to today's modern homes. Not only does it feel luxurious underfoot, it's also energy efficient and eliminates the need for unsightly radiators.

At 1926 Trading, we sell Ecofilm Set electric underfloor heating elements and accessories from Flexel International for use beneath laminate and engineered wood floors.

Flexel underfloor heating is controlled by a simple timer thermostat and features air and floor temperature sensors to regulate heat output for maximum comfort and efficiency.

How does it work?

Electric underfloor heating generates radiant heat, causing the entire surface of the floor to act as a heating body. Other surfaces in the room then absorb this heat, becoming secondary emitters.

The result is a comfortable atmosphere whereby the room is heated from the floor upwards, unlike conventional central heating systems which heat from the ceiling down.

This eliminates wastage and allows heat to be distributed more evenly, eliminating the draughts and cold spots sometimes associated with convected heat.

The benefits of underfloor heating

Installing electric underfloor heating means you get rid of your radiators. Aside from being unsightly, these clunky pieces of heating machinery take up valuable space in your home.

Without them, you can use your space more effectively, with no restrictions on the layout of your furniture.

Electric underfloor heating is also energy-efficient, allowing you to save money on your energy bills and reduce your household's carbon footprint.

Because it generates heat over a larger surface area, the operating temperature of the system is lower, and because it radiates heat from the floor, hot air is not wasted at ceiling height.

An added advantage of underfloor heating is its impact on health and safety in the home. Convection heating can pick up dust and cause it to circulate in the air. Underfloor systems eliminate this problem.

And with no radiators to act as dust traps, your home can be a cleaner space free from common allergens. Furthermore, no radiators mean no risk of burns and scalds, which is particularly good news if you have children.

Installation of underfloor heating systems

Ecofilm Set electric underfloor heating can be installed in all areas of the home, except the bathroom, on top of suspended timber or solid concrete floors and beneath laminate and engineered wood.

Provided you follow the instructions carefully, installing electric underfloor heating is actually quite simple and can save you money on fees for professional tradespeople.

It is recommended that you install 6mm Depron insulation before you install your underfloor heating system, as this will quicken warm up times and bring down your energy bills even further.

This and other accessories, such as programmable thermostats and adhesive tape, are available from 1926 Trading.

Purchase underfloor heating from 1926 Trading Company Ltd

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