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Kahrs Activity Floor

Kahrs Activity Floor

The Kahrs Activity Floor is unique with the absorption material and reinforcements are already fitted to the underside of the board, while the patented Woodloc® system provides perfect joints between the boards. The result is an even surface with optimal shock protection, counteracting injuries when running, landing or falling during intense activity.

Kahrs Activity Floor is easy to install and uninstall. It can be laid directly over a moisture barrier and the subfloor without the time-consuming and complicated construction of floor battens or special fittings. This also enables easy and fast installation on temporary surfaces for competitions, training, or displays. Available in Oak, Beech, and Maple, Kahrs Activity Floor is as attractive as it is functional. Due to its glueless construction, it can be removed and reinstalled in another location.

Tests carried out in compliance with DIN testing by the Norwegian Building Research Institute show that Kahrs Activity Floor excels in the following categories: Energy absorption, deformation, ball bounce, rolling load and friction.

Safety, durability, and ease of installation made Kahrs Activity Floor the number one choice for owner's of sports facilities and dance studios all over world, Kährs Activity Floors are installed in 48 countries, from America to China.

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World and European Aerobics Championships

Kahrs have signed a contract with FISAF, the Federation of International Sports Aerobics & Fitness Inc., to be the exclusive official floor supplier for the upcoming World and European Aerobics Championships through 2011. Kahrs Activity Floor has already been use for the FISAF championships in Rotterdam 2004 and in Moscow 2005.

Woodloc Joint

Khrs Activity Floor is easy to install, thanks to the patented glueless Woodloc joint. Woodloc effectively locks the boards together, creating a perfect installation and virtually gapless floor. The glueless installation makes it possible to uninstall and then reinstall it elsewhere. The combination of Khrs and Woodloc makes it the strongest joint on the market.

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