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As the first wood flooring manufacturer to boast an entirely solvent-free production, Kährs has transformed wood flooring production globally with its unique environmental approach. Producing beautiful floors with a conscience, Kährs works solely with wood – one of the only renewable flooring materials. Every aspect of production is geared with the environment in mind, from the proximity of its timber stock, to the very construction and finish of its product range.

In Sweden, wood is considered a cultural heritage. For every tree harvested, 5 saplings are replanted and today the country has more trees than ever before. Over 88% of Kährs’ raw material is sourced within a 124-mile radius of its factory in Nybro, Sweden. This not only reduces transportation costs but also allows Kährs to utilize waste wood. Any timber that cannot be used in floor production is converted into bio-fuel that provides heat for the plant and the homes of 45,000 local residents.

Kährs’ eco-focus is evident throughout the entire production process. By comparison, Kährs’ 45 acre factory produces fewer emissions than a small carpentry shop. Kährs has also reduced its waste 30% in the past ten years, and uses a cleaning system so effective that wastewater can legally be discharged into the local sewage system.

Kährs’ environmental credentials are also reflected in the composition of its wood floors. Featuring an eco-friendly, multi-layered construction, Kährs uses high-grade hardwood for its sandable wear layer, and utilizes fast growing and easily renewable core materials, such as Pine, for the middle core. This attention to detail and performance conserves valuable resources in addition to creating a surface that remains stable throughout the seasons. Floors are pre-finished with a solvent-free finish and water-based stains. Once installed, the floors can be maintained with water-based maintenance products. After years of wear, Kährs floors can be sanded up to two times. For floating applications, the glueless Woodloc™ joint allows the floor to be taken up and reinstalled elsewhere if desired.

While most of Kährs timber is sourced locally, tropical species are sourced only from member countries of the ITTO (International Tropical Timber Association), and within each country principally from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) suppliers. Logs transported from overseas are pre-cut to allow efficient packaging and use of space. Kährs itself has a wealth of environmental certifications and industry memberships, including ISO 14001, gained nearly ten years ago, FSC, EMAS (Eco-management and Audit System), NWFA (National Wood Flooring Federation), ISO 9001, Green Globes™ and Green Building Initiative.
Kahrs wood flooring production plant

Kahrs beauty with a conscience

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Kahrs Plank Construction

1. The four to six layers of Kahrs UV-cured acrylic finish are factory-applied and ready to be walked on as soon as the floor is installed.
2. The hardwood top layer is available in many different wood species and patterns.
3. A supporting layer guarantees strength and dimensional stability.
4. Kahrs 15mm and 7mm thick products have a backing of pine or spruce, giving added dimensional stability to these floors, which can be installed using the floating method.
 Construction of Kahrs engineered wood flooring

Kahrs Glueless Woodloc,The strongest joint

In 2000, Kahrs introduced the worlds first wood floor with a glueless joint: Woodloc. The technology behind it was revolutionary, resulting in a perfect result with joints that were completely tight as well as faster and easier laying. It also meant a major leap for the environment, because glue was no longer needed to achieve a perfect finish. Kahrs woodloc joint

The beauty of nature

Nature is wonderfully diverse. Every tree presents us with a variety of different colours and structures, which vary depending upon how Kahrs cut the material. Kahrs experience has enabled them to develop a unique system for inspecting and grading the sawn wood according to its structure and appearance. This allows Kahrs to manufacture floors with different looks, expressions and styles.

Kahrs Floor Styles

Kahrs1 Strip
The surface of the board is sawn in one piece, this emphasises the feeling of nature and will show the full character of the species chosen. Knots and variations in colour clearly demonstrate that this is a unique flooring complete with all the variety in the grain that only 1-strip can provide. Kahrs 1-strip range includes a selection of floors with less variation in colour and with minimal knots or no knots. Kahrs 1-strip floors are ideal for large rooms where the dimension of the boards is in keeping with the overall space. Kahrs 1 strip engineered wood flooring

Kahrs 2 Strip
The wear layer is two strips wide. The strips are arranged to give different floors individual character. Kahrs 2-strip floors are available in two varieties, one with longer strips and one with shorter strips. The longer strip variety is ideal for large rooms, while the shorter strip variety is perfect for smaller areas. Kahrs 2 strip engineered wood flooring

Kahrs 3 Strip
With 3-strip floors the wear layer is three strips wide. The strips have different lengths and are positioned randomly, this creates a floor with an individual character. They are also graded into several varieties, enabling different floors to have a livelier or more tranquil feel. Kahrs 3-strip floors, offer a wide range of decorating opportunities. Kahrs 3 strip engineered wood flooring

Kahrs refining the floor

The forest provides Kahrs with a wonderful material for creating beautiful floors based on the wood’s natural appearance, but new trends and styles are constantly being developed. The demand for both new and classic-looking floors is increasing. In recent years, Kahrs have seen a growing demand for more variety from both interior designers and consumers. This has resulted in a re-evaluation of their development processes to satisfy the needs of our customers who are becoming more knowledgeable and more adventurous in their choice of décor. These are just some of the methods Kahrs use with their floors to develop the appearance.

Brushing the surface highlights the natural structure of the grain creating additional texture. Kahrs can vary the effect depending on the species, and type of bristle. Brushing is usually accompanied by other surface treatments such as bevelling the edges and applying a coloured stain or glaze. Kahrs brushed surface engineered wood flooring

Coloured stains
Kahrs can use stains to further enhance the colour that nature provided. From light, white lacquered or white oiled to dark, deep and exotic colours. Today, there are more and completely new design opportunities than ever before.  Kahrs coloured stained engineered wood flooring

Bevelled edges
Bevelling the edges on 1-strip floor boards accentuates each individual plank. This year we are introducing several floors with edges that are bevelled to varying degrees. Everything from floors with micro-bevelling (a slight accentuation of the edge using sandpaper) to more dramatic, stronger bevels on all edges that give the floor a more rustic and robust look. Kahrs bevelled edge engineered wood flooring

Choose the right Kahrs finish

Lacquer, matt lacquer or natural oil?
Whichever surface treatment you choose for your floor, it always enhances the wood’s natural beauty. Your choice should be decided by your preferences for style, feel, colour and maintenance. Furthermore, our surface treatments are of course free from solvents, formaldehyde and isocyanate. Floors from Kahrs are also ready to walk on immediately after being installed.

Silk matt lacquer
Kahrs silk matt lacquer complements the woods character by accentuating its natural living structure. This makes the floor more hardwearing and easier to clean. Kahrs constantly develop their lacquers (which are among the very best on the market), in co-operation with leading lacquer manufacturers.
The lacquer protects the floor from the annoying micro scratches that can appear when, for example, furniture with worn-out protective pads is dragged across the floor. At the same time, the lacquer is one of the very thinnest available and does not conceal the beautiful floor surface, unlike so many others on the market.
 Kahrs silk matt lacquered engineered wood flooring

Matt lacquer
Kahrs matt lacquer almost gives the impression that the floor is completely untreated bare wood, or treated with natural oil. You can clearly feel the soft,natural surface with your fingers or when you walk barefoot on the floor. Matt lacquer is as hardwearing and easy to maintain as silk matt lacquer. Kahrs matt lacquered engineered wood flooring

Nature oil
Kahrs Nature oil gives your floor a wonderfully natural and beautiful feel. The oil brings out the woods wonderful texture and graining, and enriches the natural wood colour. Floors treated with Nature oil are also ready for use in the home as soon as they have been installed.
They are easy to maintain, but you must remember that floors treated with Nature oil need a little more care and need to be treated with Kahrs wax-oil regularly. The advantage is that the floor becomes more and more beautiful after each treatment.
Cleaning and maintenance are the same as for a lacquered floor vacuum regularly and wipe occasionally with a damp cloth.
 Kahrs nature oiled engineered wood flooring

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